About Michael Haephrati

Michael Haephrati

Michael Haephrati

Michael Haephrati has founded Target Eye on 2000 along with 2 other partners.
The Target Eye Monitoring software was developed since then. Before inventing Target Eye, Haephrati worked on many ventures starting from HarmonySoft, designing Rashumon, the first Graphical Multi-lingual word processor for Amiga computer.

Other ventures included Target Data, focusing in Data Cleansing (as part of the DataTune system) name DataTune.

The DataTune system was implemented in: The Standards Institute of IsraelThe Israeli Export InstituteBezeq CallMicrosoft IsraelDel TechnologiesElite, People and Computers
Michael Haephrati has developed GIS systems, Credit Scoring computerized systems. Managed a great number of software and IS projects for: Telecom, New Zealand (1994-1995), Apple, Silicon Valley (1995-1996), Israeli Police, OCR for traffic tickets pilot and license plate number identification for road cameras (1995, as part of TIS, Project Manager). During 1998-2000 has developed a credit scoring system based on geographical statistical data, participating VISA CAL, Isracard, Bank Leumi and Bank Discount (Target Scoring, being the VP Business Development of a large Israeli institute).
He is a member of the London Institute of Directors (since 2001)
Member of the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (since 1998).

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